Vending & Digital Bins

Want 24—7 access to resources?

Don’t want to have to pay for a crib attendant? How about having supplies located near your point-of-use so employees don’t need to walk through the plant to get what they need? An audit trail on all material pulled? How about automatic reorders so you never run out? Need to restrict access to your supply bins?

Sometimes the best man for the job is… a machine!

Fast-Rite offers multiple vending and digital bin system that can be extensively configured for any vending solution.

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Our vending machines help you eliminate stock outages and increase productivity by providing a complete VMI solution that gives you complete control over your supplies. Our machines are a convenient and accurate way to track employee supplies such as tools, parts or personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you work in an industry where tracking a large inventory of materials is critical to your operations, a vending machine may be the right solution for your company. Employee-vended supplies will bring control to your workplace by recording what is taken, restricting employees from taking too much, and reporting the status of all items for refill or accounting purposes. There’s no need to fumble with change or iron dollar bills to fit into temperamental machines. Instead of money, employees can walk up, enter their pin or swipe a magnetic stripe card. Then they enter in the item they want.

Benefits of Vending & Digital Bins

  • Control employee supplies with secure dispensing that provides accountability and can be restricted by product, employee or number of items allowed.
  • Ensure employees always have access to the right amount of supplies, in the right location, at the right time to perform their duties.
  • Track dispensing of supplies 24/7 with real-time, item-based reporting that can be accessed through the web portal.
  • Provide maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) cost-saving opportunities with reductions in inventory and labor.
  • Protect against pilferage of high-end items with secure access.

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Digital Bin Systems

Our Virtual Inventory systems have many of the same advantages of vending but are designed to control large volumes of production inventory at the Supermarket, Line or Cell level. Our Premier Digital BinsTM system allows both Fast-Rite and our customers to know instantly the inventory level of each item in each location, whether that’s a container with 100 screws or a 5,000 lb. Pallet.

Reorder is automatic, and notifications are sent automatically if a wrong item is detected in the bin. Designed for smaller programs, Our ActylusTM system works on preset triggers to automatically order parts. Each Actylus section can hold up to 64 items in numerous configurations. Sections can be connected together to create an entire wall of smart bins. Both systems make sure your orders are placed, and you’ve got a complete historical record of all transactions.