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Fast-Rite Adds New PSM Product Line!


Fast-Rite is pleased to announce we are now an authorized distributor for PSM International.

A Best-In-Class World leader since 1931 in the manufacture of CLINCH NUTS, CLINCH STUDS, STANDOFFS, AND INSERTS FOR PLASTICS, PSM is a global company offering advanced capabilities with manufacturing, R&D, and distribution operations in 23 countries around the world.

PSM International designs, manufactures and distributes special engineered fasteners, inserts for plastics, sheet metal fasteners, and direct screw fixings to global manufacturing sectors including computers, datacom, electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, white goods, power generation, and general manufacturing.

Fast-Rite’s partnership with PSM offers our customers core competencies of
Technical capabilitiesindustry application, and project management along with expert inventory management, inventory planning, and delivery.  We cooperate with our customers early in the design phase and provide a full range of fastening solutions throughout the product life cycle – from design conception and prototyping through product launch and general production. It is our mission to help customers in producing time-to-market products with cost-efficient and high-quality fastening solutions – which we can do.  Customers switching to PSM for their clinch and insert products typically enjoy considerable savings and receive not an “equivalent” but the exact same product that they have been paying much more for.

PSM Product users are veritable who’s who in the world industrial scene. they’re specified into prints for names like Dell, HP, NEC, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba Garmin, GE, Intermec, Viewsonic and more. Automotive heavyweights BMW, Daewoo, Ford, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen and much more.

For more information contact your sales representative at 630-858-0988.

Make Your Construction Projects Much Easier!


Fast-Rite is pleased to announce that we are now a proud distributor of Phillips Square-Driv® Wood and Composite Screws. These specialty screws are available for all our valued customers. 

These screws were developed to prevent the common woodworking problems of stripping, rusting, or a weak hold. The Phillips Square Driv® with Anti-Camout Ribs is a screw that just won’t strip. Coated with Durafast coating, this screw won’t rust or stain the wood – Guaranteed! And with the screw’s patented design that places more steel under the head at the torque point, it creates a stronger screw, and therefore a stronger hold to better support your projects.

These screws are manufactured under ISO9001 Quality Control monitoring and have the best warranty in the industry.

Fast-Rite International is proud to be a distributor of the Phillips Square-Driv® wood and composite screws. We at Fast-Rite are dedicated to constantly improving our service and we believe that adding these quality products will help us reach that goal.

Contact your Account Manager at 630-858-0988.