With the global economy, it’s critical that OEMs keep their costs to the bone to stay competitive.


Fast-Rite’s exciting new source for MRO Supplies!

Fast-Rite’s integrated supply services make it possible for our customers to single-source not only components but also the important MRO supplies: tools, lubricants, drill bits, abrasives, cutting tools,  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and more you need to run your machines and protect your workers. This keeps your vendor count down and consolidates your freight costs. Fast-Rite is proud to carry some great lines of MRO including your favorite brand names, 3M, Duracell, MCR Safety, North, WD-40 and over 700 more.

We have over 200,000 of the line items you use daily, including chemicals, lubricants, abrasives and cutting tools and safety equipment.

Order the way you want to!

  • Prefer to order on the web? Visit our new site!
    It’s loaded with abrasives, adhesives, chemicals, tools and much more.
  • Vending is your choice?  Our Fast-Rite Vending Machines give you 24/7 in plant availability with complete accountability and control. Typical program savings are over 20% in reduced consumption, and the productivity savings can be far more than that.
  • Fast-Rite’s Genius Supply Programs let our customers single-source both components and critical MRO supplies Our VMI Team members can deliver your MRO items along with your component supply. further simplifying your supply chain and freeing your time up for more important things
  • New for 2019, our new E-Comm site will give you further options to control your spend management and reduce transaction cost.

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Extensive Line of Integrated Supply Items

  • Safety supplies (PPE)
  • Chemicals (WD40, brake cleaner, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Drill bits, cutting tools & abrasives
  • Hand tools
  • General supplies
  • Jan-san

Over 200,000 of your favorite Brand Name Items!