Direct Mill Shipments

Are you importing high volumes of component parts but mired in the details of procurement, delivery schedules, and importing?

Fast-Rite has over 25 years experience in the global economy and logistics. We specialize in importing fasteners and custom components from all over the world! Want to enjoy the benefits of importing without dealing with the hassles of duties? Tired of unexpected importation charges? Do you like to cut out the middle man but don’t like the headaches involved with dealing directly with manufacturers? Let us schedule and manage your direct mill shipments for you.

Enjoy the pricing savings of buying in bulk while off-loading the quality control, shipping schedules, bulk containers and other details to Fast-Rite. Our long-standing manufacturing and logistics expertise around the globe allow us to get you what you need, when you need it, and for a great price.

As an expert importer with multiple offices and facilities in the USA, Asia, and Mexico, we can supply and manage any Class-C component. Our experienced staff monitor manufacturing to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded, delivery dates are met and budgets are made. 20’ and 40’ foot container loads are available.

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