Component Management

Customized Component Management Programs that can save you more than 20%. Want to see it happen? Why not schedule a site assessment today?

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Other companies offer VMI. Fast-Rite provides a turnkey component management service. Fast-Rite’s Genius Component Management programs can typically realize savings of more than 20%, with additional hard costs savings.

We help you optimize the way you run your business, consolidate inventory and eliminate supply chain material and labor handling redundancies — increasing your profits and lowering your overhead. And our real-time, lean distribution-based inventory management technology ensures accuracy and timeliness. Increase control and visibility of your inventory. Reduce warehouse costs. Save money. It’s lean distribution at its best.

Multiple Genius Component Management Options Customized to Fit Your Requirements

  • Customer E-portal: For those who prefer a self-managed solution.
  • Total VMI: We deliver directly to your factory floor, line, cell or point-of-use.
  • Site Management/Man-In-Plant

With our high-volume Genius programs, we can establish a dedicated in-plant presence with specially trained personnel to perform customer data collection, organization, delivery, put-away, and MRP processing so you can minimize transactional and labor load.

Component Management

Component Management

High-Volume Genius Program Features

  • MRP data reviews and forecast analysis
  • Purchase order minimization and auto-processing
  • Inventory level monitoring and restocking
  • Automatic, consolidated invoicing
  • Goods pre-receiving
  • JIT delivery and replenishment to the production line or work cell

8 Big Benefits of Component Management

  1. Minimize inventory footprint
  2. Maximize production space
  3. Eliminate need for safety stock
  4. Manage & reduce waste
  5. Eliminate MRP
  6. Reduce administration, inventory and expediting soft costs
  7. Ensure stock arrives at point of use when you need it
  8. Consolidate purchasing and billing
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