Ultra-High Yields

Sand, die, precision or wax, casting is an optimal method to provide various parts for all sorts of products while meeting detailed specifications and tolerances and generating ultra-high yields.

Whether malleable iron pipe fittings or motorcycle casings, alternator housings or door handles, Fast-Rite provides you with high precision, quality products to meet your specifications, whether prototype, production, or mass production runs.


Through process control software production is controlled from raw material, melting temperatures, track chemical analysis and molten iron weight. This allows technicians to analyze production, perform quality assurance and ensure a reliable, consistent output.

Our quality control team enforces all ISO:9001 protocols during every phase of the manufacturing. micrometers, CMM, vision system and other high precision quality control equipment are regularly monitored to ensure all parts meet the tightest tolerances. Fast-Rite use the most scientific method to save the cost of each process, material inventory, working procedure, packing, transportation, to provide all our clients the most reasonable price and best service.

Aluminum Gravity Die-Cast & Low-Pressure Die-Cast Molten metal is injected into a sand or permanent mold by force of gravity. 0.5kg. - 200kg (1 lb - 440 lbs) Different sizes available  Aluminum alloy A356, A356, ZL101, 102, 104 with T4/T5/T6 treatment Sandblasting, painting, powder coating, electrophoresis, electro-polish, chrome plating, etc.  According to GB 6414 -- 50, for irregular, less heavy, small quantity products
Aluminum and Zinc Die-Casting Liquid metal is injected into the casting machine, production by casting machine pressure. Aluminum 0.1kg. - 20kg (3.5 oz. - 44 lbs.) Zinc 0.05kg - 2kg  (1.75 oz - 4.4 lbs) Different sizes available  Aluminum alloy A360, A380, ADC10, ADC12, etc. or Zinc, Zinc #3, Zinc #5, Magnesium Alloy Sandblasting, painting, powder coating, electrophoresis, electropolish (Zinc Matl), passivation (Aluminum) electro-polish, chrome plating, etc. According to GB/T 15114 280 MT, 500 MT, 900 MT, 1600 MT 2, 000 Pieces, for large quantity product
Investment Casting High precision when you do not need the fine surface of a silica solution casting. 0.1kg. -10kg (3.5 oz. - 22 lbs.) Different sizes available Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel Sandblasting, painting, electrophoresis Good precision, good surface -- Mass production, for larger size products
Silica Sol Casting High precision casting with a good surface used to manufacture complex structure products.  0.1kg. - 10kg (3.5 oz. - 22 lbs.) Different sizes available Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel Polishing, shot blasting High precision -- Low, depending upon product
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