Component Cost Optimization

is essential for competing in a global economy.

That means low prices — and a whole lot more.

Paying the lowest prices is important, but it has a diluted effect if your staff is spending hours managing inventory transactions, placing orders, expediting, inspecting, processing invoices, or dealing with excessive inventory on your shelves. That's where Fast-Rite shines.

Our mission is to provide OEMs with world-class service in the management of quality industrial components while optimizing the supply chain through the integration of people, technology, and experience. Our vision is to optimize YOUR management of industrial components. So we strive to streamline the entire component supply process, and remove every redundancy, eliminate unnecessary transactions, simplify every procedure, and take cost out of your supply experience.

  • Stampings
  • Castings
  • Assemblies



Fast-Rite supplies all types of fasteners, for any industry and application

Along with our full line of standard fasteners, we manufacture custom fasteners in virtually any material, including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals such as brass, Monel®, Inconel®, and plastic.

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Fast-Rite offers a full line of the highest quality metal stampings

Our stampings include four slide and multi slide, precision laser cutting, progressive die products and more.

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Quality castings with the best service options

Whether pipe fittings or motorcycle casings, alternator housings or door handles, Fast-Rite provide you with high precision, quality products.

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Save time and money by letting Fast-Rite handle your assembly

If you need to have a product assembled or kitted, Fast-Rite’s custom assembly and kitting services are designed to save you time and money for both high and low volume jobs.

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