Inventory Management

Save money, reduce warehouse costs and increase the control and visibility of your inventory with Fast-Rite’s vendor managed inventory programs.

Fast-Rite offers a variety of Lean Distribution-based inventory management systems designed to optimize the way you run your business. These real-time programs utilize the latest technology available to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Our vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs eliminate your supply chain redundancies – increasing your profits and lowering your overhead.

Let us show you the savings

With Fast-Rite’s inventory management programs, you can:
  • Manage waste
  • Reduce soft costs associated with administration, inventory and expediting
  • Ensure your stock is delivered right to the point of use, exactly when you need it
  • Maximize your production space, while reducing the space needed for dedicated inventory stock
  • Consolidate purchasing and billing
  • Reduce labor time
  • Eliminate spills during shipping and production

Our inventory management programs include:
  • E-Kanban – Easily maintain inventory based on the amount you use
  • Bin Stock – Get your bins refilled automatically
  • Bill of Material– Simplify ordering and reduce waste by letting Fast-Rite determine the number of components you require
  • Just in Time – Get your parts delivered exactly when you need them
  • Fast-Trac, powered by SAP – Electronically monitor and replenish stock

E-Kanban and Kanban

Easily maintain and replenish inventory levels based on the amount you use

Kanban is a pull-based inventory system that continuously supplies components and parts – so you have what you need, where you need it, when you need it. A key component of Lean Manufacturing principles, Kanban reduces inventory, eliminates stockouts and slashes overhead. Kanban uses a card-based system to track inventory supplies, while E-Kanban uses technology to oversee the process. As products are being used, a card signals the need to produce and deliver a new shipment. Once inventory is pulled the systems are sent immediately, avoiding any delays in communication, reducing the replenishment cycle time and inventory levels.

Bin Stock

Fast-Rite will automatically refill your bins to pre-determined levels.

Fast-Rite’s Bin Stock inventory management system ensures you have the right materials, exactly when you need them. You’ll receive bins filled to a pre-determined level. Once each bin falls to a certain point, we’ll refill your bin. Fast-Rite uses a sophisticated bar code system to ensure accuracy and timeliness. By overseeing and restocking your bins, we’ll save your staff the time and cost of monitoring your inventory. Bin Stock reduces the storage space needed by eliminating excess product stock. Plus, it eliminates spills during shipping and production.

Bill of Material

Simplify ordering and reduce waste by letting Fast-Rite determine the number of components you require.

Designed for manufacturers who use many different parts in product assembly, Fast-Rite’s Bill of Material program simplifies the process of ordering parts and minimizes waste. You only need to determine the number of units to be manufactured and we’ll use those requirements to determine the number of individual components required. We’ll pack multiple parts, pre-packed in the quantities and amounts you need, under one unit number.

Just in Time

Get your parts delivered exactly when you need them.

Keeping extra stock sitting in your warehouse to avoid shutdown is not only impractical, but costly as well. With Fast-Rite’s Just-in-Time inventory solution, you can specify when you need the parts and we’ll deliver them when you want them – whether it’s days or merely hours before they’ll be used. We ensure you have the parts available when you need them, eliminating the costs of excess inventory. Just-in-Time frees up warehouse space, maximizes cash flow and keeps your line moving for maximum efficiency.

Fast-Trac, powered by SAP

Electronically monitor and replenish stock.

Fast-Rite’s innovative Fast-Trac inventory program enables customers to electronically monitor and automatically replenish their inventory. This program eliminates the need for purchase orders and saves time, freeing up your valuable resources to do other work. Powered by SAP, this flexible program can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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