ERP Process Partner

If your business is running an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution such as SAP, Oracle or J.D. Edwards, turn to Fast-Rite to make the most of your investment.

As an ERP process partner, Fast-Rite works with our customers to take full advantage of their systems from end to end.

Whether you want to improve the effectiveness of your inventory program using your enterprise solution or need help with specific short cuts and workarounds, Fast-Rite can help. Our experienced team is backed by thousands of man-hours working with these enterprise systems.

Here are a few ways Fast-Rite has helped other organizations running enterprise systems such as SAP:
  • Fast-Rite was the first production parts supplier to go-live with a major Fortune 500 company utilizing EDI 850 and 810 transaction sets. This reduced paper usage, saved time and improved workflow by ensuring that documents were being received and accepted.
  • For another Fortune 500 company, Fast-Rite completely redesigned the company’s 850 transaction set to include more data, enhancing the process and giving the customer better control over the output of data.
  • Fast-Rite was the first supplier to go live with EDI Scheduling Agreements (830) for a major Fortune 500 company, underscoring our ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology.
  • A Fast-Rite Account Manager used his experience in SAP to show his customer advanced tactics that reduced his customer’s workload and time spent processing consignment transactions by 40%.

To learn how Fast-Rite can help your company, contact us today. Our EDI team will show you ways to make your enterprise system work even smarter.