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24 Jan

Never run out!

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Fast-Rite is pleased to announce the new Actylus™ Smart-Bin System featuring Right-time bin replenishment for right-size inventory – and better cash flow!


• Your supply chain talks to you
Smarter Spaces™ technology eliminates the tags, flags and cards
of manual monitoring with proactive restock and reorder alerts
right to your ERP.

• Keep lines up and running
Real-time replenishment alerts and automated ordering put an end
to stock-outs and emergency orders – and keep everyone working.
• Visualize your supply chain
With Trajectory Cloud™ Business Intelligence tools, you can view
real-time information and see changes in usage patterns,
consumption trends, productivity and more.

For more details click here or call 888.327.8077!!  Fast-Rite Actylus



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