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30 May

Fast-Rite Sucessfully Implements SAP HANA!

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Fast-Rite is pleased to announce that we’re now live on SAP HANA!

While we are one of the smaller companies in the world running SAP, We’re a very early adoptee of the latest and greatest technology SAP has. This will allow Fast-Rite to “punch far above it’s weight” by improved transaction time and vastly improved reporting, unheard of in our field.

For those who don’t know, HANA is the new improved database that SAP now runs on and is their database platform for the future. This upgrade enables SAP to run faster and also utilize new functionality such as ECOMM and business analytics.
This will allow us to better serve our customer base, and also allow those customers who prefer to use on-line order capacity to place orders on line.


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