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06 Apr

Fast-Rite adds the Proferred Tool Line!

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Tool up with Fast-Rite’s Proferred™ Tools!

Hand Tools are intuitive. Everyone, since childhood, has grown up with screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, etc.

And Fasteners go hand in hand with tools.You can’t have one without the other.

For some time now, Fast-Rite has represented some tremendous auto-feed solutions for fastening.

Do you want to reduce your riveting time by 75%? Feed and Drive 40 screws a minute?Give us a call.

But it doesn’t take an engineering degree to explain the functionality of a screwdriver. And there’s not a business or home that doesn’t need a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers or a socket set.

Everyone needs high quality hand tools! That’s why Fast-Rite has now chosen to add the prestigious Proferred TM brand of hand tools to our product mix.

Proferred Tools Catalog

Considering Proferred TM?  Let us address a few questions you may have…

Who makes Proferred TM tools?

The Proferred TM line is manufactured by the top hand tool companies in Taiwan. These same companies make hand tools for all the top US companies that are known for very high quality, EXCEEDING ANSI REQUIREMENTS. If we named their names, you’d know them.

How does the quality compare to other brands?

The Proferred TM quality is identical to these national brands in every way except one -price!

How does the price compare to other brands?

Proferred TM hand tools have the strongest Price Value relationship of hand tools in its class. This gives our customers Excellent Quality with Low Prices!

Now, there are less expensive tools out there. But Proferred TM has made it a focus to purchase hand tools from Taiwan where the manufacturers have access to better quality steel and have better controls over manufacturing processes than from cheaper countries of origin.

What about the warranty?

 The Proferred TM Warranty is the Best in the industry!All top hand tool companies had a Limited Lifetime Warranty so the difference is how the remedies are administered. Proferred TM has two.

First, if a technician has a problem with any Proferred TM tool they can go to our web site, access the warranty drop down, identify the tool, and print a UPS call tag to send the tools back to Proferred TM for replacement. No questions asked, just great warranty service!

Second, Fast-Rite or any of the stocking distributors can receive, vet and replace tools on the spot. We give them the authority to make the warranty call to best service their customers. The end result is happy customers!

Products now available.:

Our initial range of products includes:

■ Socket Sets (1/4; 3/8; ½; ¾ drive sets with rails), individual socket and ratcheting accessories.

■ Adjustable Wrenches (standard, plumbing and mining focused products, slide and quick release wrenches, wrench sets)

■ Ratcheting Wrenches

■ Combination Wrenches

■ Aviation Snips (straight; left; right; notch; long pattern cut snips)

■ Pliers (diagonal cutting; long nose; heavy duty linemen’s; straight jaw grove; slip joint pliers)

■ Screwdrivers (acetate cushion grip; Go-Thru; 1000V insulated; precision; hollow nut; and an assortment of screwdriver sets and interchangeable bit screwdrivers.

■ Staplers (staple gun and hammer tacker)

■ Hammers (framing; ripping; curved claw; drywall; rubber mallet; club hammer)

■ Masonry and High Speed Drill Bits

■ Riveters (hand and long-arm riveter)

■ Utility Knives

■ Tape Measures

■ Hex Keys

Click here for our Proferred Tools Catalog

Later this summer Proferred TM will be adding hand tool line extensions, Metric Combo Wrenches, Adaptors, Pipe Wrenches, Snap Ring Pliers, Ball Pen Hammers, T-Handle Hex Keys, Long Shank Drive Bits, Torpedo Level, Cable Ties, Chalk Line, Safety equipment including, Gloves, Vests, Eye protection, ear protection, Masks and Hard Hats. We will also introduce a new 25’ Metric tape measure and a family of Locking Vice Grips.

Check out Proferred TM Tools Today.
Click here for our Proferred Tools Catalog

For more information, contact your Account Executive or call customer service at 888.327.8077


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