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06 Jun

New Product / Service offering!

Fast-Rite is pleased to announce that it is now the first US Reseller of The Warehouse Auditor.

The Warehouse Auditor is a Unique Combination of Service and Software for Measuring and Managing Continual Improvement through photographic evidence based auditing against a set of meaningful criteria, complete with an audit scoring system, recommendations and corrective actions to ensure continual improvement.

A terrific Performance Enhancing  tool, The Warehouse Auditor will allow Fast-Rite personnel to visit customer locations and evaluate their storage locations and processes, and provide tangible evidence back to the customer on how they can measure and improve their operations.


Over the next month our personnel will be trained on the new product.

For more information please  contact Jim Gillespie at 630.942.6270.

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11 Apr

A Riveting Solution!

Introducing the Kingset:

 Using Blind Rivets?  Spending more money in labor than rivets? We have a solution that’s:
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Lightweight: app 5 lbs.
  • Hangs from your current balancers
  • Is much easier to use than the current system
  • Cycle time to feed rivets to a ready position within one second
  • Eliminates the problem of dropped rivets on the work surface and floor
  • Captures the mandrels
  • Pistol Grip solution ideal for work surface level operation and flex positioning
  • Rapid Reload: 100 rivet belt swapped in as little as 15 seconds for skilled operator
  • One-Touch operation that frees one hand for operator to position or hold material

 Click here to see it in action!

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06 Apr

Fast-Rite adds the Proferred Tool Line!

Tool up with Fast-Rite’s Proferred™ Tools!

Hand Tools are intuitive. Everyone, since childhood, has grown up with screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, etc.

And Fasteners go hand in hand with tools.You can’t have one without the other.

For some time now, Fast-Rite has represented some tremendous auto-feed solutions for fastening.

Do you want to reduce your riveting time by 75%? Feed and Drive 40 screws a minute?Give us a call.

But it doesn’t take an engineering degree to explain the functionality of a screwdriver. And there’s not a business or home that doesn’t need a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers or a socket set.

Everyone needs high quality hand tools! That’s why Fast-Rite has now chosen to add the prestigious Proferred TM brand of hand tools to our product mix.

Proferred Tools Catalog

Considering Proferred TM?  Let us address a few questions you may have…

Who makes Proferred TM tools?

The Proferred TM line is manufactured by the top hand tool companies in Taiwan. These same companies make hand tools for all the top US companies that are known for very high quality, EXCEEDING ANSI REQUIREMENTS. If we named their names, you’d know them.

How does the quality compare to other brands?

The Proferred TM quality is identical to these national brands in every way except one -price!

How does the price compare to other brands?

Proferred TM hand tools have the strongest Price Value relationship of hand tools in its class. This gives our customers Excellent Quality with Low Prices!

Now, there are less expensive tools out there. But Proferred TM has made it a focus to purchase hand tools from Taiwan where the manufacturers have access to better quality steel and have better controls over manufacturing processes than from cheaper countries of origin.

What about the warranty?

 The Proferred TM Warranty is the Best in the industry!All top hand tool companies had a Limited Lifetime Warranty so the difference is how the remedies are administered. Proferred TM has two.

First, if a technician has a problem with any Proferred TM tool they can go to our web site, access the warranty drop down, identify the tool, and print a UPS call tag to send the tools back to Proferred TM for replacement. No questions asked, just great warranty service!

Second, Fast-Rite or any of the stocking distributors can receive, vet and replace tools on the spot. We give them the authority to make the warranty call to best service their customers. The end result is happy customers!

Products now available.:

Our initial range of products includes:

■ Socket Sets (1/4; 3/8; ½; ¾ drive sets with rails), individual socket and ratcheting accessories.

■ Adjustable Wrenches (standard, plumbing and mining focused products, slide and quick release wrenches, wrench sets)

■ Ratcheting Wrenches

■ Combination Wrenches

■ Aviation Snips (straight; left; right; notch; long pattern cut snips)

■ Pliers (diagonal cutting; long nose; heavy duty linemen’s; straight jaw grove; slip joint pliers)

■ Screwdrivers (acetate cushion grip; Go-Thru; 1000V insulated; precision; hollow nut; and an assortment of screwdriver sets and interchangeable bit screwdrivers.

■ Staplers (staple gun and hammer tacker)

■ Hammers (framing; ripping; curved claw; drywall; rubber mallet; club hammer)

■ Masonry and High Speed Drill Bits

■ Riveters (hand and long-arm riveter)

■ Utility Knives

■ Tape Measures

■ Hex Keys

Click here for our Proferred Tools Catalog

Later this summer Proferred TM will be adding hand tool line extensions, Metric Combo Wrenches, Adaptors, Pipe Wrenches, Snap Ring Pliers, Ball Pen Hammers, T-Handle Hex Keys, Long Shank Drive Bits, Torpedo Level, Cable Ties, Chalk Line, Safety equipment including, Gloves, Vests, Eye protection, ear protection, Masks and Hard Hats. We will also introduce a new 25’ Metric tape measure and a family of Locking Vice Grips.

Check out Proferred TM Tools Today.
Click here for our Proferred Tools Catalog

For more information, contact your Account Executive or call customer service at 888.327.8077

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09 Mar

And now Castings!

A Component Management Company, Fast-Rite has supplied fasteners, stampings, and assemblies to OEM companies throughout USA and Mexico. And now we’ve added castings to our product mix.  Contact our Sales Manager Mike Henry at 630.858.0988, or email him at for more information.


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10 Jan


Fast-Rite International, Inc., a supplier of Fasteners, Stampings, Fittings and Assemblies and inventory management programs to manufacturers all over the USA and Mexico, announced they have acquired the Industrial facility in the John W. Kelsey Business and Technology Park at 1791 Samuel Andrews Drive in Greenville, IL.

The modern 30,000 square foot facility (expandable to 120,000 sq. ft.), formerly serving as the distribution center for Maredy Candy will be used to serve Fast-Rite’s customers in Central / Southern Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee, and to serve future growth in these areas. Headquartered in Glendale Heights, IL, Fast-Rite also has operations near El Centro, CA. Another new facility is planned for the Laredo, TX area in 2014.

The Kelsey Park Location was chosen for its ideal transportation with access to multiple class 2 railroads and immediate interstate access, said Mr. George Woods, President, Fast-Rite International, Inc. “Just as important, we found that Greenville is an ideal family –friendly environment for our employees who will run the facility”, said Woods, “And that’s important to us, we’re a family-oriented company. . Greenville’s cost of living is reasonable but the quality of life is high. We expect our people to be very happy there.

Fast-Rite will primarily rely on the area resident for staffing this distribution facility. An Email address ( been set up for applicants. Recruiting will begin locally starting in January 2014, and the facility will be open and ready for business in late February, 2014.

For more information contact Jim Gillespie at 630.942.6270.

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26 Aug

New In-House Salt-Spray Testing!

As part of a continuing effort to enhance Fast-Rite’s in-house quality control lab, Director of Quality and Engineering Mark Jacobs recently announced the arrival of our new ASTM B117 Certified Salt-Spray Testing Chamber.

 Often fasteners, stampings and fittings are the “forgotten part” of an assembly. They’re typically the smallest part of the cost of the final project. But not if they develop corrosion out in the field! Now the corrosion might just be cosmetic, but if you’re selling a million dollar piece of machinery such as a heavy duty construction crane, you can bet the buyer wants to see those fasteners gleaming in the sun for years to come, not covered with rust.

How can you have confidence that corrosion will not develop?

It’s simple. In order to quantify the corrosion resistance of a material, it is common practice to submit the material to harsher environments than normally encountered in service, hoping to accelerate the damage.

Salt-Spray chambers are universally accepted as the best tool for this job. It’s possible to subject parts to a 500 or 1000 our salt spray test that creates a very harsh environment. If the parts survive this test without corrosion, it’s an excellent indicator that the corrosion resistance will give a long service life in the field.

Most distributors don’t have such equipment in house, so they either can’t provide documented testing results or else must send the parts out to an accredited third-party lab, which drives up both testing time and costs, which of course are passed back to the customer. But with in-house equipment and capacity, Fast-Rite can circumvent those delays and provide accurate, reliable test data cost effectively to our customers.

 Need some failure analysis? Testing on your components? Give Mark Jacobs a call at 630-858-0988 x160, or email him at




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21 Nov


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that while times are tight, when the economy is squeezed and so also are our housing values, when we’re feeling the effect of natural disasters, etc.. that we are blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth, with the greatest collection of readily available natural resources, with a great transportation system, in a moderate climate, where even though we have enemies, they’ve got to cross oceans to get to us.

We can be thankful for this.. and much more.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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25 Sep

Fast-Rite at Bajamak Show In Tijuana Thursday Oct. 18th!

For the third straight year Fast-Rite will be exhibiting at the Bajamak Show in Tijuana, B.C.The New location for the 2012 show is the Prologis Alamar industrial park, “At the technological border”in the industrial Otay area of Tijuana.This annual event will host manufacturing industries from the electronic, medical devices, metalmechanical, aerospace and automotive sectors, who will promote in their respective booths their supplying needs and requirements, and products and service suppliers related to Mexico’s manufacturing industry requirements.

BajaMak has taken the time to previously study the manufacturing industry requirements in order to invite the right kind of suppliers to the event. This process guarantees both suppliers and manufacturing industries to join an expo that meets their expectations, avoiding wasted time and obtaining potential business contacts.Now in its fifth edition, Bajamak will be held on Thursday, October 18 2012 at Prologis Alamar Industrial Park, located at Blvd. Hector Teran Teran #2102, Otay Industrial Zone in Tijuana, Mexico, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.Come see us at BOOTH 103!
Please mark your calendar.

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21 Sep

Why Switch to a Vendor Managed Inventory?

Why a Vendor Managed Inventory system with Fast-Rite International?

In today’s hyper-competitive industrial environment, the difference between success and failure is highly dependant on an organized and efficient inventory system. Few things are more upsetting to a customer than being told their parts are out of stock. And this is especially distressing when you can’t ship a product because A C-class component like a fastener, stamping or fitting is not available.

But simply stock-piling safety stock to insure that you will always have each product is inefficient and creates a great deal of unnecessary and excess cost.

The solution to this problem is simple. Let Fast-Rite implement a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system to consistently and efficiently manage your C-Class inventory.

At Fast-Rite International we provide a multitude of solutions and combinations of VMI systems to fit each customer’s specific needs. Fast-Rite International can provide different combinations of Consignment, Bin, JIT, Kanban/E-Kanban inventory management systems to suit the exact needs of each customer.

There are many benefits from implementing a VMI system:

- A drastic reduction of soft costs by reduction and offload of transaction activity.

-Reducing your inventory dollars.

-By only paying for the inventory that is consumed, stock investment is reduced while stock turnover is increased.

-Decreased lead times due to more efficient inventory storage and replenishment.

-Free up your purchasing department to focus on more critical “A” and “B” items. Many hours of transaction time can be reallocated for other needs because Fast-Rite can be doing your planning, ordering, receiving, put-away and stock pulls for you.

SIMPLIFY YOUR WORK LIFE! Let our VMI Team do the work for you.

To schedule a site and needs analysis, contact your Fast-Rite account manager or our VMI / Productivity Manager Jim Gillespie at 630.942.6270 or by email,

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19 Sep

FABTECH 2012 in Las Vegas


Fast-Rite International will be exhibiting at Fabtech 2012 in Las Vegas on November 12th-14th.

Fabtech is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.

If you are attending, please stop by to speak to our sales team, productivity manager, or our executive personnel. We know we can help you find solutions to your fastener and industrial component needs.

We are located at booth #C854 in the Metal Forming area

We are very excited to showcase our products and services; we hope to see you there.




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